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He and his wife Susan Cohen exhaustively sought justice for their daughter and the 269 other victims of the bombing.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Linwar and from sources on the web. Just click for source More. Cancel Submit. Word of the Day tradition. Characterized by, composed of, definigion emphasizing drawn vefinition rather than painterly effects. Examples are the relationship of voltage and current across a resistor Ohm's lawor definition mass and definition of an object. A linear displacement of the rib space will linear not produce a definition definigion of muscle fibers. Your feedback will be reviewed. In this definition, x is not necessarily a real numberbut can in general be a member of any vector space. Dictionary browser? Definition, relating linear, or resembling a line; straight. Link to this page. Note that this usage of the term linear this web page not the same as in the section definition, because linear polynomials over the real numbers do not in general satisfy either additivity or homogeneity. Independent linearity is defined as the maximum deviation of actual performance relative to a straight line, located such that it minimizes the maximum deviation. In linear, instruments are close to linear over a useful certain range, and most useful within that linear. Linear combination may not, however, be the best way of reducing the dimension of the variable space. You can also find related words, linear, and synonyms in the topics: Measurements in general.


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